Season for Nonviolence: Day 54

Day 54: March 24

The thought for today is GIVING.

“Give and it shall be given you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be given to you. For with the same measure you measure it will be measured back to you.” – Jesus

One of the wonderful laws of metaphysics is that what you give returns to you. It doesn’t matter what it is. Give Peace and it comes back to you. Give money and it will return to you. Lend someone a helping hand and the next time you need help, there it is. Show violence to another and guess what? It comes right back at you. This is why Jesus taught us to not return evil with evil and that if someone slapped one cheek (insulted you), to turn and offer the other. He was teaching us to break the karmic cycle of violence. He taught us that this is done through forgiveness, nonviolent action and nonresistance. We give, not more of the violent action that was show to us, but the peaceful action that we know will return to us.

“All that is not given is lost.” – Hasari Pal, City of Joy

The Nature of the Sacred Presence is to create and build and give. Everything is energy and energy wants to move. That’s its purpose. When we hold back from giving, it’s a bit like building a dam and stopping the flow of life. And what do you get when you stop the flow of life? Things begin to decay and die.

Think of it in terms of the human body. We take in food, but when we don’t give back in the form of work or physical activity, we store that energy as fat. And we’re killing ourselves with an obesity problem in this country because we take in more than we give back. We’re hoarding our energy. That’s unhealthy. If we use the imagery of water, it’s similar. Water that is allowed to move in and flow onward is in a healthy state. But what happens when water is allowed to sit in one spot? It stagnates and becomes polluted. The energy within us is no different. It makes no difference what form that energy takes – joy, love, wealth, peace – it must be given away or it stagnates within us. The great thing is, as we just learned, what we give comes back to us increased; pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be given us. And so we continue the cycle of giving.

In what ways are you a Giver? Or are you hoarding your energy? Does your spirit seem a bit lethargic? Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? Are you unsettled, restless, or lacking peace of mind? Step into the flow of Life and become a Giver. It doesn’t matter whether  it’s your time, your talent, or your treasure that you give. In doing so, you will transform the lives of those to whom you give as well as your own.

breathe Peace ~

Rev. Rebecca

About Rev. Rebecca

After 30 years of trying to avoid God, I finally gave up playing Jonah and answered Love's call to service by becoming an ordained New Thought minister. Since that day in 2007, I've counseled a lot of people, performed some weddings, been a publiic speaker, and done some non-profit board work. Opportunities for service are presenting themselves in new ways for the coming year and I look forward to more of Love unfolding in my life.
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