Season of Nonviolence: Day 33

Day 33: March 3

The thought for today is ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

I am a beautiful expression of the Divine Presence.

Can you acknowledge that Truth about yourself? It’s not easy sometimes, is it? “Nobody knows me like I do and if everyone else knew the thoughts that go through my mind or the things I have done….well, let’s not go there,” you say.


Let’s not go there, because you are not the thoughts that go through your head or the things you do. If you are to begin the process of transformation, you must build on a foundation of Truth. I use the term transformation to mean a change in your experience of life through a shift in your perception. Until you acknowledge Who You really Are – the One Presence manifesting Itself in you and as you – and until you acknowledge this same Truth about others, you will continue to struggle with yourself and everyone else.

If you recognize your Oneness with all, how can you then commit violence against another? To harm another is to harm you. To injure your neighbor is to hurt your spouse or your children. To cause pain to yourself is to do likewise to your community. We are all intimately connected by our shared identity in God.

To know something, the dictionary says, is to “apprehend clearly and with certainty; to understand from experience.” The experience of the Sacred Oneness brings that understanding.

I take time to be still in silence as I rest in the Presence of Love. I contemplate my Divine origin and the Omnipresence of God, that in every point in space at this ever-present moment, God Is. This Truth of Oneness is the solid foundation upon which I build my life. I acknowledge that as we live in the awareness of this Truth, Peace is our destiny.

breathe Peace ~

Rev. Rebecca

About Rev. Rebecca

After 30 years of trying to avoid God, I finally gave up playing Jonah and answered Love's call to service by becoming an ordained New Thought minister. Since that day in 2007, I've counseled a lot of people, performed some weddings, been a publiic speaker, and done some non-profit board work. Opportunities for service are presenting themselves in new ways for the coming year and I look forward to more of Love unfolding in my life.
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