Season for Nonviolence: Day 19

Day 19: February 17

The thought for today is ACCEPTANCE.

God offers all of us the Kingdom – gift of Itself. In examining this gift, I realize that I am being offered All that God Is. There is nothing else I need. There is nothing to covet, nothing to fight over, and nothing I need to hoard for myself. There is enough for all to share for God’s supply is sufficient. We gratefully accept and graciously share with open hands and hearts that which we have been given. When we do this, we reveal Peace.

We all crave Love and acceptance. I don’t care if you’re a newborn baby or you’re a hardened criminal; everyone wants to be Loved and accepted. That’s what Lily Fairchilde said and I agree with her. Too often, we get into trouble because we look for that love and acceptance outside of ourselves, not realizing that what we really desire is connection with the Sacred Presence Itself. But here’s the good news: you are Loved beyond measure just as you are. Evangelical minister Tony Campolo once said, “God is like a grandmother. Seriously. He’s got a wallet with your picture in it.”

Your Divine nature is Perfection. That doesn’t mean that you act perfectly all the time. It means that the infinite and eternal part of you is Perfect. Our task is to uncover that Perfection in ourselves to reveal the beauty of God’s handiwork to the world and to help others to do the same. By offering them Love and acceptance, we hope to lift them in consciousness that they might see their own Light.

Ultimately, we can only change our lives and perhaps influence others in a positive way to change their lives for the better. But as Carl Jung said, “We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” Kathleen Casey Theisen told us that “acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation, then deciding what you’re going to do about it.”

Today, I accept Who I Am. I accept my neighbor with the same awareness. I allow Love to be my Reality and step into the flow of Spirit to bring Peace to my world..

breathe Peace ~

Rev. Rebecca

As a special gift from the Association for Global New Thought in celebration of the Season of Nonviolence, please accept this Living Peace Mandala as another way of participating in the Season. Instructions for its use are located below the mandala. Create a shortcut for your desktop so you can access it easily. And please don’t forget to come back every day to for more inspiration and daily action that you can take to move you and your world in the direction of Peace.

About Rev. Rebecca

After 30 years of trying to avoid God, I finally gave up playing Jonah and answered Love's call to service by becoming an ordained New Thought minister. Since that day in 2007, I've counseled a lot of people, performed some weddings, been a publiic speaker, and done some non-profit board work. Opportunities for service are presenting themselves in new ways for the coming year and I look forward to more of Love unfolding in my life.
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